'Coexistence: The Great Elephant Migration' Exhibition

  • 06 Feb 2024

On 3rd February, 2024, Coexistence Consortium introduced a month-long exhibition focusing on man-animal conflict, featuring life-size Lantana elephants to raise awareness about the invasive weed affecting Karnataka's forest ecosystem.

Key Points

  • Unique Initiative: Lantana Threat: The exhibition addresses the serious threat posed by Lantana camara, an invasive weed native to South America, affecting wildlife movement and biodiversity in Karnataka's tiger reserves.
  • Life-Size Lantana Elephants: Around 100 life-size Lantana elephants displayed across Bengaluru, including 60 in Lalbagh Botanical Garden.
  • Awareness Activities: Installations near government buildings, metro stations, colleges, tech parks, lakes, and green spaces. Over 50 discussions, nature trails, storytelling, street plays, and citizen science contests are part of the initiative.
  • Stakeholder Involvement: A round table conference with tribal community members, scientists, environmentalists, and forest department officials to address man-animal conflict and strategize Lantana removal.
  • Challenges and Alternatives: Discussions on challenges in removing Lantana, considering its vast presence in Bandipur Tiger Reserve. Advocacy for creating an economy around Lantana and exploring alternatives like controlled burning.
  • Environmental Concerns: Despite efforts, environmentalists emphasize the need for radical changes due to Lantana covering around 40% of the state's forest land.
  • Call for Awareness: Urging unconditional love for cohabiting with animals and emphasizing the need for awareness, especially in regions blending with wildlife.
  • Mitigating Man-Animal Conflict: Karnataka's Principal Chief Conservator of Forests (Wildlife), stressed continuous awareness efforts and calls for funds for habitat restoration and wildlife corridor reclamation.