India to Launch UPI Services in Sri Lanka and Mauritius, RuPay Cards in Mauritius

On 12th February, 2024, India's Unified Payment Interface (UPI) services and RuPay card services will debut in Sri Lanka and Mauritius, in a virtual ceremony attended by Indian Prime Minister and leaders from both nations.

Key Points

  • Fintech Leadership: India's emergence as a leader in Fintech innovation and Digital Public Infrastructure underscores the significance of sharing developmental experiences with partner countries.
  • Strengthening Cultural and People-to-People Links: The launch aims to enhance digital connectivity and facilitate seamless digital transactions between India, Sri Lanka, and Mauritius, leveraging the robust cultural and people-to-people ties.
  • Benefits for Travellers: The initiative enables UPI settlement services for Indian nationals visiting Sri Lanka and Mauritius, and vice versa, facilitating convenient digital transactions during travel.
  • Expansion of RuPay Card Services: The extension of RuPay card services in Mauritius allows Mauritian banks to issue RuPay cards locally, enabling cardholders to use them for settlements in both India and Mauritius.