Andhra Pradesh Implements Fishing Ban to Protect Olive Ridley Turtles

  • 16 Feb 2024

The Andhra Pradesh government initiated a month-long fishing ban from February 15 within a 5-km radius of Hope Island to safeguard Olive Ridley turtles following recent mortalities off Kakinada coast.

Key Points

  • Conservation Efforts: In response to a surge in Olive Ridley turtle mortalities along the coastline, Andhra Pradesh imposes a month-long fishing ban near Hope Island to protect the species during the breeding season.
  • Strict Enforcement Measures: Authorities enforce strict measures to ensure compliance with the fishing ban, including prohibiting the movement of fishing boats within the restricted area and engaging multiple departments for patrolling.
  • Collaborative Approach: The initiative involves collaboration between various departments, including Forest, Fisheries, Customs, and Marine Police, to monitor and enforce the ban effectively.
  • Support from Local Communities: Forest authorities urge local communities to support conservation efforts by cooperating with monitoring activities and adhering to the fishing ban.
  • Protection of Breeding Areas: Efforts are underway to monitor and protect turtle breeding areas along the coastline, emphasizing the importance of preserving these habitats for the species' survival.