New Wasp Species Discovered in Karnataka

  • 08 Mar 2024

A recent study by Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment (ATREE) entomologists unveiled Taeniogonalos deepaki, a new wasp species found in Karnataka's Nipani region, part of the Western Ghats.

Key Points

  • Taxonomic Details: Taeniogonalos genus, belonging to Trigonalyidae family of Hymenoptera order, includes hyperparasitoids.
  • Unique features differentiate Taeniogonalos deepaki from other Indian species.
  • Naming and Recognition: The species is named after Dr Deepak Deshpande, a medical doctor and nature enthusiast who collected the specimen.
  • Understanding Hyperparasitoids: Trigonalyidae, hyperparasitoids, lay eggs parasitized by primary parasitoids.
  • Their life cycle depends on attacking parasitoid larvae within host caterpillars or wasp larvae.