• 12 Mar 2024

ISRO's latest meteorological satellite, INSAT-3DS, begins Earth-imaging operations, enhancing weather forecasting with advanced payloads.

  • INSAT-3DS captures first Earth images on March 7, marking the commencement of its Earth-imaging operations.
  • Payload parameters of the 6-channel imager and 19-channel sounder found nominal, meeting specifications.
  • Launched on February 17, GSLV-F14/INSAT-3DS mission placed the satellite in designated geostationary slot by February 28.
  • INSAT-3DS aims to improve meteorological observations, weather forecasting, and disaster warning capabilities.
  • The satellite features advanced payloads including the imager and sounder, generating over 40 geophysical data products crucial for weather forecasting and climate monitoring.