Global E-Waste Crisis

  • 21 Mar 2024

The Global E-Waste Monitor 2024 recently revealed that billions of kilograms of e-waste are generated annually, with only a fraction recycled.

  • 62 million tonnes of e-waste generated in 2022, but only 22.3% recycled.
  • E-waste poses health and environmental risks due to toxic substances like mercury.
  • Europe leads in per capita e-waste generation, while Asia generates half of the world's e-waste.
  • Despite the increase in e-waste, the growth rate of countries implementing e-waste policies is slowing down.
  • Recycling rates for small equipment, comprising one-third of total e-waste, remain low at 12%.
  • Urgent attention needed to address the e-waste crisis, especially amidst climate and digital progress initiatives.
  • Calls for sound regulations and transitioning to a circular economy for electronics to tackle the growing global challenge.