SC Forms Committee to Protect Great Indian Bustard

  • 22 Mar 2024

On 21st March, an expert committee was appointed by the Supreme Court to balance conservation of Great Indian Bustard with renewable energy goals.

Key Points

  • Endangered Bird Species: Great Indian Bustard population faces extinction due to collisions with high-powered power cables in Gujarat and Rajasthan.
  • Re-evaluation of Directive: Apex court re-evaluated its directive on undergrounding power cables to protect the bird species.
  • Committee Composition: Committee includes wildlife experts, conservationists, and government officials from relevant ministries.
  • Scope and Feasibility Study: Committee tasked with assessing feasibility of underground and overhead electric lines in priority bird habitats.
  • Balancing Development and Conservation:Committee to explore alternatives for sustainable development while ensuring bird conservation.
  • Recommendations and Timeline: Committee expected to propose additional measures and submit report to the Supreme Court by July 31.