Mountains Species Facing Extinction Risk Due to Global Warming

  • 29 Mar 2024

Recently, new research published suggests that species inhabiting 17 mountain ranges are at risk of extinction due to accelerated global warming.

  • Mountain Regions at Risk: Mountains in the Iran-Pakistan region, Northeast Asia, Brazilian highlands, Western America, Mexico, and the Mediterranean basin are particularly vulnerable.
  • Call for More Monitoring Stations: International researchers, led by Academia Sinica, advocate for increased meteorological monitoring stations in mountainous areas to better understand and mitigate climate risks.
  • Innovative Research Approach: The study introduces a novel method to estimate climate velocities in mountainous regions, considering surface warming, humidity, and atmospheric science principles.
  • Challenges in Data Collection: Setting up meteorological observation stations in mountains is challenging, leading to a global deficit in long-term climate data for these regions.
  • Importance of Local Data: Global data may not accurately predict local climate trends, highlighting the need for more localized meteorological observation data.
  • Urgency for Action: The researchers stress the importance of establishing more weather stations in mountains to address the impacts of climate change on species and ecosystems.