India Flora Online: Unprecedented Digital Database of Indian Flora

  • 08 Apr 2024

Renowned botanist Dr. Sankara Rao, fueled by a lifelong passion for plants, is set to unveil India Flora Online.

Key Points

  • Botanical Passion: Dr. Rao's deep-rooted connection with nature has propelled him to pioneer several plant database initiatives, including Digital Flora of Karnataka, Digital Flora of Eastern Ghats, and Flora of Peninsular India.
  • India Flora Online: This comprehensive database, extending beyond India to encompass plants from neighboring countries, fills a crucial void in botanical knowledge.
  • Digital Documentation: These initiatives, including the upcoming India Flora Online, empower researchers, conservationists, and enthusiasts alike.
  • Conservation Imperative:. India's status as a biodiversity hotspot underscores the significance of preserving and understanding its flora.
  • Vision for the Future: Dr. Rao's mission transcends mere documentation; it's about fostering a deeper understanding of plant life's intricacies and promoting conservation stewardship.