• 16 Apr 2024

Doxing, also spelled as Doxxing, involves exposing personal details of an individual online, including their real name, address, workplace, phone number, financial information, and more, without their consent.

  • Originating in the online hacker community in the 1990s, doxing emerged from conflicts between hackers who would reveal personal information of rivals as a form of retaliation or intimidation.
  • While disclosing personal information without consent predates the internet, the term "doxing" gained popularity within online communities, where anonymity was highly valued, to describe the act of exposing someone's identity.
  • The term "dox" is derived from "docs," which refers to documents or personal details, and evolved into a standalone verb, representing the action of revealing private information.
  • Doxing poses serious privacy and security risks, potentially leading to harassment, stalking, identity theft, and other forms of cybercrime, highlighting the importance of safeguarding personal information online.