Seng Khihlang Festival

  • 24 Apr 2024

April 21st 2024, marked the culmination of the 34th Seng Khihlang festival in Wahiajer, commencing on April 19, 2024.

  • Rooted in the Khasi Indigenous Faith, the festival fosters unity and celebration among believers.
  • The exchange of the Monolith symbolizes enduring unity, with Wahiajer hosting the revered tradition this year.
  • Believers demonstrate unwavering devotion through prayers along the Monolith's journey to Wahiajer.
  • Deputy Chief Minister graced the ceremonial welcome of the Monolith on the final day.
  • The Monolith serves as a lasting symbol of faith, culture, and community bonds, marking the essence of Seng Khihlang.