RBI Proposes Higher Provisions for Infrastructure Projects

  • 04 May 2024

On 3rd May 2024, Reserve Bank of India proposed increased provisions for under-construction infrastructure projects, aiming to mitigate risks and enhance monitoring of emerging stress.

Key Points

  • Addressing Lessons Learned: RBI drafts guidelines based on banks' experience with project financing, aiming to prevent strain on the banking system.
  • Surge in Infrastructure Projects: Government-driven infrastructure boom prompts RBI's proactive measures to manage lending risks and support economic growth.
  • Provisioning Framework: Proposed provision of 5% during construction, reducing to 2.5% post-operational phase and 1% after generating sufficient cash flow for repayment.
  • Revised Provisioning Norms: Earlier provision of 0.4% for non-overdue project loans contrasted with new proposals to manage evolving risks effectively.
  • Ongoing Monitoring and Resolution: RBI emphasizes continuous monitoring and early initiation of resolution plans by lenders to address emerging stress in projects.
  • Consortium Financing Regulations: RBI mandates minimum exposure thresholds for consortium financing, aiming for prudent risk management in infrastructure projects.
  • Addressing Delayed Operations: Clear timelines for project commercialization crucial, with RBI suggesting reclassification of loans after three years of project delays.