CCMB Scientists Detect Spread of Invasive Catfish in Eastern Ghats

  • 18 May 2024

CSIR-Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB) researchers developed eDNA-based assay to detect armoured sailfin catfish in Eastern Ghats water bodies, aiding in invasive species management.

Key Points

  • Invasive Armoured Sailfin Catfish Spread: Researchers find catfish infesting 60% of Eastern Ghats water bodies, damaging ecosystems and fishing nets.
  • Unique Detection Method: Scientists develop eDNA-based PCR assay for early detection of invasive species, aiding in management efforts.
  • Rapid Population Growth: Once introduced for its appearance and algae-cleaning abilities, the catfish population has grown exponentially.
  • Threat to Ecosystem: Invasive species lack predators, posing a threat to native fishes and livelihoods dependent on Eastern Ghats water bodies.
  • Effective Detection Technique: eDNA approach offers reliable, accurate, and low-cost detection of invasive species in large landscapes like Eastern Ghats.
  • Significance of Early Detection: Early detection crucial for preserving ecosystems, reducing fish catch losses, and maintaining ecological equilibrium.