General Bud Anderson Dies at 102

  • 20 May 2024

On 17th May, 2024, Brigadier General Bud Anderson, a legendary World War II fighter pilot who single-handedly shot down 16 German planes, passed away peacefully at his home in Auburn, California.

  • Anderson's remarkable military career included over 130 types of aircraft and approximately 7,500 flight hours.
  • He flew 116 missions in P-51 Mustang fighters during World War II, amassing 16 confirmed kills.
  • Anderson was part of the prestigious 357th Fighter Group, which downed nearly 700 German planes.
  • He participated in 25 missions during the Vietnam War, flying an F-105 Thunderchief.
  • Anderson’s legacy includes numerous military decorations and a reputation for camaraderie and exceptional aerial combat prowess.
  • Despite his achievements, Anderson viewed war as destructive and advocated for peace and strong national defense.