World UFO Day: 2nd July

  • 04 Jul 2024

Every year on July 2nd, World UFO Day is celebrated to bringing people together to discuss the possibility of aliens and UFOs.

Key Points

  • Importance of Day: World UFO Day is important because it raises awareness of the possibility that the universe may contain intelligent life somewhere else too. It likewise urges individuals to contemplate the chance of UFOs and to conduct research into the subject.
  • Beginning: The day was first celebrated on 24th June 1947. Kenneth Arnold's well-known UFO sighting prompted the selection of this date. The date was later postponed to July 2nd, to marks the anniversary of the 1947 Roswell incident.
  • Unidentified Flying Object (UFO): Anything flying in the air that we are unable to easily can be called a UFO. UFOs aren't generally always alien spaceships; they could be: weather balloons, natural events in the sky, satellites, unusual aircraft and etc.
  • Roswell Incident: The incident took place in New Mexico, USA when a mysterious object crashed close to Roswell in July 1947. The US military said it was a weather balloon. However, the people believe it was an alien spacecraft. The incident attracted a lot of attention and gave rise to many theories.