Wildlife Protection Act (WPA), 1972

Why is it in News?

The Forest Department has issue a warning-cum-advisory to the Telangana State Beedi Leaves and Forest Contractors’ Association (TSBLFCA) against wanton destruction of forest or encouraging others to do so by way of burning it as part of beedi leaf collection activity.

It quoted penal sections of relevant laws to be circulated among the members, aimed at getting their cooperation in protecting the forests. It also mentions the provisions under Sections 29, 30, 51, 51 (ic) of the Wildlife (Protection) Act-1972. WPA is constantly making it to the news, so it is advisable to know about the important provisions of WPA.

About Wildlife Protection Act (WPA)-1972:

  • WPA- 1972 is an Act of the Parliament of India enacted for protection of plants and animal species. Before 1972, India only had five designated national parks. National Tiger Conservation Authority and National Board for Wildlife is the outcome of this Act. This Act extends to whole of India except J&K which has its own law on wild life conservation.
  • Section 1 & 2 of this Act protects those plants & animals that are in the category of Endangered Species. The sections in this schedule give absolute protection to certain species and these cannot be infringed on any account.
  • National Park, Wildlife sanctuary are set up under the provisions of WPA-1972, but Biosphere reserves are set up under Man and Biosphere Reserve Programme of UNESCO.

Source: Down to Earth