Gujarat’s New Solar Power Policy-2021

Gujarat Government has announced its new Solar Power Policy - 2021.

Finer Points

  • Any person, developer or industry can set up a solar project in its premises or land without any limit.
  • A limit of only 50 per cent of sanctioned load/contract demand for industry to set up the solar project has been removed in the new policy.
  • This policy will bring down power cost to industry from Rs. 8 per unit to around Rs. 4.50.
  • It will reduce the production cost, which will help the state manufacturers to be globally competitive.
  • The power consumers will be able to set up solar projects on their rooftop or vacant place. They can also offer their space to third party for power generation and utilization.
  • Security deposit given to power companies has been cut from Rs. 25 lakh per MW to Rs. 5 lakh per MW.