Dongria Kondh

  • 06 Mar 2019

Why is it in News?

The Supreme Court has ordered the eviction of nearly 10 lakh forest dwellers whose claims has been rejected, but these tribal groups have decided to resist the order of SC.

About Dongria Kondh:

  • The Dongria Kondh people are members of the Kondhs, of the Munda ethnic group. They are primarily located in the Niyamgiri hills in the state of Odisha, but they are also found in the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.
  • They sustain themselves from the resources of the Niyamgiri forests, practicing horticulture and shifting cultivation.
  • They consider themselves to be the royal descendants of Niyam Raja (Mountain God).
  • Niyam Raja Festival is celebrated with great pomp and show by these tribals.
  • The language spoken by these people is ‘Kui’. They are one among the 75 PVTG declared by government.

About the Niyamgiri Hills:

  • Niyamgiri hills are one of the most pristine forest of India which spreads over 250 under the Rayagada and Kalahandi District in south-west Odisha. It is bound by the Karlapat Wildlife Sanctuary on the north-west side and Kotgarh Wildlife Sanctuary on the north-east end.

Source: TH