“HAUSLA- inspiring her growth”: Women Entrepreneurship Program for J&K

“HAUSLA- inspiring her growth,” is a comprehensive programme for catalyzing women entrepreneurship in Jammu and Kashmir.

Goal of this Initiative

  • The goal of the innovative initiative is to empower women as vital drivers of the overall development process in the UT by identifying and empowering role models, providing them with markets, networks, training, and continuous support, and subsequently building an ecosystem to inspire other local women entrepreneurs.

About the Programme

  • The programme has been created in a very scientific manner and that the broad contours include targeting women entrepreneurs in J&K who are already established in the field of self-employment, creating a channel for educated women to explore their options, and potential and then channel their business acumen, assisting them in overcoming challenges related to finances, legal, societal biases by focusing on their innate potential.
  • Knowledge about government promotion policies for women entrepreneurs would be disseminated, as well as access to enterprise education and training with a focus on business development, as well as connections to women enterprise networks, associations, business premises, and online marketplaces.

Gender Gap: Top Priority

  • The government's top priority is to reduce the gender gap among entrepreneurs, in a systemic manner, as well as to encourage women who are currently employed in a variety of professions, so that they, too, can participate in the 'Hausla' programme.