India’s Newest Frog

Why is it in News?

A new frog was discovered in Wayanad, Kerala. It is a new species and is different enough to be assigned to a new ‘subfamily’. Genetic analysis revealed that the species is at least 60 million years old.

About the New Species:

  • The frog which has been named it the starry dwarf frog Astrobatrachus Kurichiyana (genus Astrobatrachus after its starry spots and kurichiyana in honour of the Kurichiya tribal community who live in the area). The frog is just 2 cm long and sports pale blue spots and brilliant white thighs.
  • It is nocturnal amphibian and lives under leaf litter.

About the Kurichiya Community:

  • Kurichiya tribes, also known as Hill Brahmins or Malai Brahmins are a matrilineal tribe of Kerala distributed mainly in Wayanad and Kannur district of Kerala.