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19 January: Kokborok Day

  • On 19 January 2022 Tripura observed 44th Kokborok Day, also known as the Tripuri Language Day.
  • The day commemorates the initial recognition of Kokborok as the official language in 1979.
  • The state Govt. is stressing more on regional languages and renamed Baramura hills to Hatai Kotor (literally translating to big hill in Kokborok) two years ago.
  • The government in Tripura officially rechristened two more locations with Kokborok names while observing the 44th Kokborok Day - Gandacherra was renamed as Ganda Twisa, where the picturesque Dumbur Lake is there and Atharomura range to Hachuk Berem in Kokborok language.

Garia Puja

  • In November, 2018, the state government announced a two-day holiday on Garia Puja, a Tripuri harvest festival celebrated on the 7th day of April.