Medha IAS

ISRO to build Twin Satellites ‘DISHA’

Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) will build an identical pair of satellites for studying the earth’s upper atmosphere.

  • The twin satellites named DISHA (Disturbed and quiet time Ionosphere-thermosphere System at High Altitudes) will be launched in the low earth orbit – about 500 km above earth – to study the physics and chemistry of the upper atmosphere.

Payload & Placement

  • The two satellites will carry identical payloads while one will be placed at higher inclination DISHA – H and the other DISHA – L at a lower inclination to the equator.

Why studying upper atmosphere is important?

  • The upper atmosphere is the first region to experience the wrath of the Sun before it percolates further down.
  • The DISHA satellites will study space weather, solar-terrestrial interactions and provide an advance warning on space based weather happenings and preventive actions can be taken.

Other Advantages

  • The data generated by the proposed ISRO’s solar mission Aditya 1 and by DISHA satellites would help to understand the Sun-Earth linkages.