Padang: Where Netaji gave ‘Delhi Chalo' call becomes National Monument

  • 13 Aug 2022

During its 57th national Day celebration, Singapore has declared Padang (meaning field in Malay), a site of countless events in the country's history and from where Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose gave his 'Delhi Chalo' slogan in 1943, as its 75th national monument.

  • The Padang has special significance for the Indian community in Singapore. It was here that Indian sepoys first established their campsites when the British established their outpost on the island.
  • This was also the place where Netaji delivered several speeches to the tens of thousands of INA soldiers and the local Indian population.
  • It was here that he gave the ‘Delhi Chalo’ slogan, set up the Rani of Jhansi regiment, and called for the total mobilisation of Indian resources to free India from British rule.
  • Just before the war ended Bose established the INA memorial at the southern edge of the Padang.
  • The victory parade of the Japanese surrender on September 12, 1945, was also held on the Padang.