Mithila Makhana gets a GI Tag

  • 24 Aug 2022

Bihar’s ‘Mithila Makhana’ has been accorded GI tag.

  • Mithila Makhana is cultivated in the Mithila region of Bihar and some parts of Nepal.
  • Mithila Makhana’s botanical name is ‘Euryale Ferox Salisb’ and it is a special variety of aquatic fox nut.
  • They grow on a leaf in a pond, before they are collected, washed and sun-dried for hours. After that, they are roasted in a pan at a high flame. Following this, their outer shells are broken and the white puff comes out.
  • It is said to be low in cholesterol, fat and sodium, and also an ideal weight-loss snack as it is low in calories.
  • It is the fifth product from Bihar which has received the GI tag. Prior to this, Bhagalpur’s Jardalu Mango, Katarni Dhaan (rice), Nawada’s Maghai Paan and Muzaffarpur’s Shahi Litchi have been recognised.