Worst-Case Scenario Predicts Threat to Over 75% of European Bumblebee Species

  • 18 Sep 2023

A recently published paper presents alarming worst-case-scenario projections, suggesting that more than 75% of European bumblebee species may face threats in the next 40-60 years.

Key Points

  • Dire Projections for Bumblebee Species: The primary drivers of these projected population declines are habitat degradation and climate alterations resulting from human activities.
  • Urgent Call for Climate Mitigation: The findings emphasize the critical role of climate change mitigation policies in safeguarding bumblebee populations from the adverse effects of human-induced changes to the environment.
  • Bumblebees, specifically the Bombus genus, play a vital role in pollinating both wild and crop plants, benefiting approximately 90% of all wild plants.
  • Impact on Ecosystems: Human-induced transformations of natural habitats and rising temperatures are implicated as key factors contributing to wildlife decline.
  • Understanding the trajectory of insect populations, including bumblebees, is crucial for devising effective conservation efforts.
  • Potential Refuges and Ongoing Challenges: Parts of Scandinavia may serve as potential refuges for displaced or threatened bumblebee species, although it remains uncertain whether these regions will remain unaffected by human activity-driven changes.