Quick Response (QR) Code Vs. Barcode

Why is it in News?

The government is now looking to make a quick response (QR) code-based payment method using the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) mandatory for all shops and establishments beyond a certain threshold.

What is QR Code?

  • QR code (Quick Response code) is a two-dimensional (matrix) machine-readable bar code made up of black and white square. This code stores the information in horizontal and vertical direction.
  • The QR code can be deciphered by a camera, smart phone etc.

How is QR Code better than Bar Code?

  • Barcode only holds information in the horizontal direction, a QR can do so vertically as well, and hence QR code is capable of carrying 100 times more information than a barcode.
  • A QR code is capable of being read in 360 degrees, from any direction, thus eliminating any interference and negative effects from backgrounds.
  • QR code generally has an error margin of 7-30%, which means that even if the QR code is tampered to an extent it can be deciphered easily. Due to this reason QR codes are extensively used by the sellers.
  • QR codes have different images to be included, hence chances of uniqueness is increased and gives designer more flexibility.

Source: Economic Times