MOSPI Will Set Up ‘National Data Warehouse’

Why is it in News?

The Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation (MoSPI) has proposed to set up a ‘National Data Warehouse’ wherein big data analytical tools will be leveraged to further improve the quality of macro-economic aggregates. The ministry is also redrafting the National Policy on Official Statistics (NPOS).

Relevance of the News: Data security and authenticity is an important part of national security and economic data security of India which is a part of Paper 3 in UPSC Mains.

More on the News:

  • On the issue of restructuring in official statistics system, the Ministry is giving an increased focus on Data Quality and Assurance by repositioning the existing data processing personnel.
  • MoSPI, in an order on May 23, had cleared the merger of NSSO and CSO under National Statistical Office (NSO).
  • The ministry also said that efforts are underway to evolve a legislative framework under which the National Statistical Commission (NSC) may function with independence and give holistic guidance for improving the national statistical system.
  • India has adopted the United Nations Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics (FPOS) in May, 2016. The reforms being undertaken in MoSPI are in consonance with these principles as also the various recommendations of the NSC.

National Data Warehouse:

  • MoSPI is working to collate all the official statistics in a National Data Warehouse.
  • There will be a repository vault where all statistical information like surveys and administrative systems will be collected.
  • This prime project will streamline the availability of data across departments, ministries, sectors and state governments and everyone will have access to same set of data.
  • The data warehouse would work as a central repository of all the statistical data collected various ministries, UTs and state governments.

Source : The Hindu