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Civil Services Chronicle Online, March, 2020 :

Charging Infrastructure For Electric Vehicles


(a) Whether the Government is encouraging people to use electric vehicles instead of gasoline/diesel vehicles;
(b) Whether any action plan has been prepared to provide infrastructure like charging stations etc. for the said vehicles; and
(c) If so, the details thereof including plan for proper upkeep / maintenance of these charging stations?

Epidemics Of AIDS, TB And Malaria


(a) Whether Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by member countries of the UN in 2015 have set any target of ending the epidemics of AIDS, TB and Malaria by 2030, if so, the details thereof;
(b) Whether Indian experience has been more positive but calls for continued vigilance and committed action, if so, the details thereof and steps taken thereon;
(c)Whether the HIV related deaths have declined in India and if so, the proportionate decline in such deaths, State/UT-wise;
(d) Whether drug treatment of HIV is now well founded with an array of established and new anti-viral drugs, if so, the status of usage of these drugs in India; and
(e)The steps taken to increase awareness among the adolescents and particularly vulnerable groups in States/UTs especially in Andhra Pradesh?

Recycling Of Plastic Scrap


(a) Whether the Government has any plan to encourage the traders of PVC market Tikri Kalan, New Delhi who recycled plastic scrap like water bottles etc. by scientific method; If so, the details thereof;
(b) Whether the Government proposes to provide incentives to such traders; and if so, the details thereof?

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