'One Vehicle, One FASTag' Initiative

  • 17 Jan 2024

The National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) recently introduced the 'One Vehicle, One FASTag' initiative to optimize electronic toll collection efficiency and discourage misuse of FASTags.

Key Points

  • Efficiency Enhancement: NHAI's initiative aims to improve the efficiency of the electronic toll collection system by promoting the use of a single FASTag for each vehicle, eliminating the practice of linking one FASTag to multiple vehicles.
  • KYC Compliance: Encouraging FASTag Users: NHAI encourages FASTag users to complete the 'Know Your Customer' (KYC) process for their latest FASTag, aligning with RBI guidelines. FASTags with incomplete KYC after January 31 may be deactivated or blacklisted by banks.
  • Avoiding Inconvenience: Users are urged to ensure the completion of KYC for their latest FASTag to prevent inconvenience, as per the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways statement.
  • Discarding Earlier FASTags: 'One Vehicle, One FASTag' Compliance: Users are advised to adhere to the initiative and discard all previously issued FASTags through their banks. Only the latest FASTag will remain active, with previous tags set to be deactivated or blacklisted after January 31, 2024.
  • Addressing Violations: NHAI takes this step following reports of multiple FASTags issued for a single vehicle, FASTags lacking proper KYC, and instances where FASTags are not affixed to the vehicle's windscreen, causing delays and inconvenience at toll plazas.
  • Revolutionizing Toll Collection: High FASTag Penetration: With a penetration rate of around 98% and over 8 crore users, FASTag has significantly transformed the Electronic Toll Collection system in the country.
  • Efficient Toll Operations: The 'One Vehicle, One FASTag' initiative is expected to enhance toll operations, ensuring seamless and comfortable journeys for National Highway users, according to the Ministry.