Samavesha Project

  • 17 Jan 2024

I-STEM (Indian Science, Technology, and Engineering facilities Map) inaugurated the ground-breaking Samavesha project at IISc.( Bengaluru) on January 16, 2024, aiming to elevate research collaboration across India by facilitating access to cutting-edge facilities and laboratories.

Key Points

  • National Expansion Plans: 50 Samavesha across India: I-STEM plans to conduct approximately 50 Samavesha events across India in 2024, fostering connectivity between researchers and scientific institutions through an innovative online portal.
  • Online Portal for Equipment Access: Researchers and industries can leverage the I-STEM portal to connect with institutions possessing the specific advanced scientific equipment they require.
  • I-STEM's Vision: I-STEM envisions a future where one million new-age researchers with innovative ideas seamlessly connect to a network of 10,000 cutting-edge labs nationwide.
  • Evolving Ecosystem by 2024: By the end of 2024, I-STEM aims not only to connect individuals with equipment but also to cultivate a collaborative ecosystem where start-ups, industries, and academia collectively drive the next wave of innovation.
  • Preventing Resource Duplication: The initiative by I-STEM prevents the duplication of resources at the national level in research institutions, saving costs for researchers, industries, and start-ups.