Airbus Signs MoU with CSIR-IIP to Make Sustainable Aviation Fuel in India

  • 23 Jan 2024

The French aviation giant, Airbus has recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with CSIR-Indian Institute of Petroleum to develop advanced technology and create test beds for indigenous sustainable fuel.

Key Points

  • Decarbonization Support: The partnership between Airbus and CSIR-IIP is aimed at supporting the Indian aerospace sector to fulfil its emission reduction objectives through promoting sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) production and commercialization.
  • HEFA Technology Pathway: The partnership works on using HEFA technology pathway for SAF production. This method includes local feedstocks which make the aviation fuel more sustainable.
  • Technical Collaboration: The two parties will collaborate in technical evaluations, approvals, market access and sustainability accreditation activities that influence the production of SAF. This collaboration seeks to simplify the procedures of introducing indigenous SAF onto market.
  • Airbus SAF Certification: Currently, all Airbus aircraft are approved to fly on a 50% blend of SAF. The goal of this company is to reach 100% SAF usage by its aircraft in the year 203 and thus reflects an environment-friendly policy.
  • Future Outlook: This partnership represents an important step in the right direction to help tackle environmental issues regarding air travel, which is consistent with universal carbon emission reduction initiatives. The combined efforts of Airbus and CSIR-IIP is likely to contribute significantly towards the future development of sustainable aviation in India.
  • SAF Blending Targets: At the moment, Airbus aircraft operate on a SAF blend of 50%, which is indicative of efforts to integrate green approaches. The ultimate goal is to raise this combination up to 100 % in the year 2030.
  • Industry Impact: The influence of the collaboration is not limited to just technological advancements, but also affects industry standards and contributes towards more environmentally friendly methods in aviation.