Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh Sign MoU with Union Ministry of Jal Shakti

  • 30 Jan 2024

On 28th January, 2024, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was inked between Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and the Union Ministry of Jal Shakti. It paves the way for the implementation of the Modified Parbati-Kalisindh-Chambal- Eastern Rajasthan Canal Project (Modified PKC-ERCP) Link Project.

Key Points

  • Modified PKC-ERCP Overview: The inter-state river linking project aims to integrate the PKC river link with the ERCP under the national perspective plan of river interlinking by the Government of India.
  • Detailed Project Report (DPR): Preparation of a DPR is underway for the Modified PKC-ERCP project. It will cover water sharing, costs, benefits, and implementation mechanisms involving Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and the Centre.
  • PKC Link Project Background: The Parbati-Kalisindh-Chambal (PKC) link project, part of the National Perspectives Plan since 1980, involves the diversion of water from Kalisindh and Newaj to the Chambal River.
  • ERCP Proposal: Rajasthan proposed the ERCP in 2019, later merging it with the PKC link project in December 2022, focusing on optimal water resource utilization.
  • Eastern Rajasthan Canal Project (ERCP): Targets intra-basin water transfer within the Chambal basin, benefiting 13 districts in eastern Rajasthan and providing irrigation to vast areas in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.
  • Benefits of Modified Project: The link project aims to offer drinking and industrial water to 13 districts in eastern Rajasthan and the Malwa and Chambal regions of Madhya Pradesh. It also focuses on irrigation in a substantial area in both states.
  • MoU Necessity: The MoU became crucial as the Rajasthan government's ERCP DPR planned at 50% dependable yield conflicted with norms requiring projects on inter-state rivers to plan for 75% dependable yield.
  • Revision Request: The Central Water Commission requested Rajasthan to revise the ERCP project planning at 75% dependability, but no revised DPR was submitted.
  • Integration Proposal: The Task force on Interlinking of Rivers suggested exploring integration with the PKC Link Canal Project, leading to the proposal of the Modified PKC link.
  • Consensus and Framing Proposal: Deliberations between both states resulted in the proposal for the Modified PKC link, incorporating components from MP's proposal and ERCP, ensuring water availability at 75% dependability.