Consumer Affairs Secretary Emphasizes AI Integration

  • 16 Feb 2024

On 13th February, Consumer Affairs Secretary highlighted the significance of integrating artificial intelligence into the 'e-Jagriti' portal for expediting consumer dispute resolution.

Key Points

  • Streamlined Dispute Resolution: Integration of AI in the 'e-Jagriti' portal aims to streamline consumer dispute resolution processes, reducing delays and backlog.
  • Comprehensive Solution: The portal provides a comprehensive software solution for consumer dispute redressal, incorporating platforms like OCMS, E-Daakhil, and National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC) Case Monitoring System.
  • Capacity Building Workshop: The Department of Consumer Affairs conducts a capacity building workshop to familiarize stakeholders with the features and benefits of 'e-Jagriti.'
  • Ministerial Support: Union Minister launched the modernized CONFONET software into the 'e-Jagriti' portal, emphasizing the government's commitment to leveraging technology for consumer welfare.
  • Enhanced Features: The 'e-Jagriti' platform offers advanced features such as case filing, online fee payment, and smart search capabilities using AI technology for efficient case management.
  • Virtual Court Facility: Integration of virtual court facilities enhances accessibility and convenience for resolving consumer complaints, leading to faster decisions and disposals.