IISc Scientists Develop Synthetic Antibody for Snake Venom

  • 24 Feb 2024

IISc researchers recently created a synthetic human antibody neutralizing potent snake neurotoxins, offering hope for broader antivenom solutions.

Key Points

  • Breakthrough in Snake Antivenom: Scientists at IISc pioneer a synthetic human antibody to neutralize neurotoxins from highly toxic snakes, including cobras and mambas.
  • Challenges of Conventional Antivenom: Existing antivenom production methods using animals present challenges of microbial contamination and low toxin-targeted antibodies, hindering efficacy.
  • Innovative Synthetic Antibody Approach: IISc researchers design a synthetic antibody targeting conserved regions of snake venom toxins, demonstrating effectiveness in animal models.
  • Enhanced Efficacy and Safety: The synthetic antibody shows superior efficacy, providing protection against snake venom even with delayed administration, and avoids potential allergic reactions.
  • Path to Universal Antivenom: Future research aims to develop a cocktail of synthetic antibodies targeting various snake venoms, paving the way for a universal antivenom therapy.