IIT Kanpur Signs MOU for Bone Healing Technology

  • 24 Feb 2024

IIT-Kanpur recently collaborated with Conlis Global Inc to license innovative bone healing technology, a significant milestone in research & development.

Key Points

  • Innovative Bone Healing Technology: IIT-Kanpur partners with Conlis Global Inc to license Nano Hydroxyapatite-Based Porous Polymer Composite Scaffolds for bone regeneration.
  • Significance of MoU: The MoU signifies a crucial step in translating research into practical applications, bridging the gap between academia and commercialization.
  • Enthusiasm from Stakeholders: Professors and CEOs expressed excitement about the potential impact of the technology in treating bone and joint disorders, highlighting its promising prospects.
  • Benefits of the Technology: The novel scaffolds offer biocompatibility, osteoinductive and osteopromotive properties, and enhanced mechanical strength, promising efficient bone regeneration and defect healing.
  • Future Applications: The functionalized scaffolds have potential applications in bone defect fillers and substitutes, overcoming limitations of current treatments and promoting tissue formation and mineralization.