Test Cricket Incentive Scheme

  • 11 Mar 2024

Recently, BCCI introduced incentives to reward players prioritizing Test cricket.

  • The Test cricket incentive scheme aims to financially reward players who prioritize Test cricket over other formats, addressing the gap in pay between IPL and Test cricket.
  • Players participating in less than 50% of Test matches receive Rs 15 lakh per match. Those in the squad for over 50% of matches receive Rs 30 lakh (playing XI) or Rs 15 lakh (non-playing XI), while those in over 75% of matches receive Rs 45 lakh (playing XI) or Rs 22.5 lakh (non-playing XI).
  • The scheme applies from the 2022-’23 season onwards, with players needing to feature in at least 50% of matches to qualify for incentives. For example, Cheteshwar Pujara earns Rs 3.6 crores for featuring in all six Test matches.
  • The move comes amidst concerns over players prioritizing IPL over domestic and Test cricket. The BCCI aims to incentivize red-ball cricket to retain player interest and balance pay disparities.
  • BCCI currently pays Rs 15 lakh per Test match and varying amounts for ODIs and T20Is. Central contracts offer additional retainers, with Grade A+ players receiving Rs 7 crores annually.