10% Reservation for Newly-Included Tribes

  • 18 Mar 2024

Recently, J&K's LG administration approved 10% reservation for newly-included tribes and adds 15 new castes to the OBCs.

Key Points

  • 10% Reservation for Newly-Included Tribes: J&K LG Manoj Sinha greenlights 10% reservation for Paharis and other newly-included tribes in ST list.
  • Equal Reservation Allocation: Administrative Council ensures equitable 10% reservation for both existing and newly added tribes.
  • Expansion of OBC Categories: J&K expands OBC categories with 15 new castes, meeting long-standing demands of the OBC community.
  • Reservation Adjustment: Changes in reservation percentages to accommodate newly included tribes and expanded OBC categories.
  • Opposition from Gujjars: Gujjars in J&K oppose reservation for Paharis, citing concerns over inclusion of affluent upper class.