Trinetra App 2.0

  • 21 Mar 2024

UP Police recently adopted Trinetra app 2.0, a digital platform for crime prevention and investigation.

  • With over 9.32 lakh criminal records digitized, frontline officers can swiftly identify suspects during security checks.
  • Available for police personnel of Inspector rank and above, offering seamless accessibility via Android and iOS mobile applications.
  • Features comprehensive crime-related information input and access, including crime histories, FIR details, interrogation reports, and more.
  • Empowers law enforcement with facial recognition capabilities for swift suspect identification.
  • Introduces audio-based search functionality for identifying criminals based on voice samples, beneficial for cybercrime investigations.
  • Crime GPT feature enables instant access to comprehensive criminal information, streamlining investigative processes.
  • Facilitates inclusion of seizure details and related documentation for in-depth analysis.
  • Enables generation of QR codes for seized goods, simplifying retrieval of pertinent information.
  • Facilitates search for missing individuals through photograph linking and facial recognition technology, aiding efforts to reunite them with their families.