'Poorvi Leher'

  • 22 Apr 2024

On 20th April 2024, Indian Navy conducted extensive exercise 'Poorvi Leher' along East Coast to assess maritime security preparedness.

  • "Exercise 'Poorvi Leher' demonstrated Indian Navy's preparedness with ships, submarines, aircraft, and special forces.
  • Exercise involves participation of ships, submarines, aircraft, and special naval forces.
  • Aimed at validating procedures for assessing Navy's readiness to tackle maritime security challenges.
  • Conducted in multiple phases including combat and weapon training to reaffirm Navy's capability.
  • Maintains near continuous maritime domain awareness with operation of aircraft from diverse locations.
  • Assets from Eastern Naval Command, IAF, Andaman and Nicobar Command, and Coast Guard participate, showcasing high interoperability.
  • Exercise provides valuable lessons for responding effectively to maritime challenges in the region.