Longer Stay Visa for Tourists and Students

  • 29 May 2024

On May 28th, 2024, Thailand approved longer visa stay periods for tourists, postgraduate students, and remote workers, along with improved visa conditions for retirees, in an effort to boost its crucial tourism sector amid economic challenges.

Key Points

  • Starting in June 2024, Thailand will allow travelers from 93 countries to stay for periods of 60 days, up from the current 57 nations.
  • Foreign students will be permitted to stay for an additional year upon graduation,
  • Insurance requirements for foreigners seeking to retire in Thailand will be relaxed
  • The country has extending stay limits to 60 days from 30 days for on-arrival visas.
  • The validity of "digital nomad" visas for self-employed remote workers will be extended from the current 60 days to five years, with each stay limited to 180 days.