Julian Assange

  • 25 Jun 2024

In June, 2024, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has agreed to enter a plea deal with the Joe Biden administration that could pave the way for him to avoid imprisonment in the United States.

  • He was charged due to his alleged involvement in one of the largest breaches of classified US government material.

Key Points

  • The deal will end his imprisonment in Britain and allow him to return home to Australia.
  • The deal will make him free from any additional prison time.
  • He founded WikiLeaks in 2006, creating an internet-based "dead letter drop" for leakers of classified or sensitive information.
  • In 2010, WikiLeaks released hundreds of thousands of classified US military documents on Washington's wars in Afghanistan and Iraq - the largest security breaches of their kind in US military history - along with swaths of diplomatic cables.
  • He had been sought by US authorities for publishing confidential military records leaked by Chelsea Manning between 2010 and 2011.
  • He faced 18 counts from a 2019 indictment related to the breach, which carried a potential maximum sentence of up to 175 years in prison, although it was unlikely he would receive the full term.