Gas Production Started From R-Cluster - Asia’s Deepest Project

  • 23 Dec 2020

  • Reliance Industries Ltd. and its partner BP(British Petroleum)of the U.K. have started the natural gas production from ultra-deepwater R-Cluster - Asia's deepest project.
  • R-Cluster is the first of the three deep-sea projects other than ‘Satellites Cluster’ and ‘MJ’, Reliance-BP are developing in the eastern offshore KG D6 block.
  • Together these projects are expected to meet about 15% of India's gas demand by 2023.
  • Reliance is the operator of KG D6 with a 66.67% participating interest and bp holds a 33.33% stake.
  • Located at a water depth of greater than 2,000 metres, it is the deepest offshore gas field in Asia.
  • The next project, the Satellites Cluster, is expected to come on-stream in 2021, followed by the MJ project in 2022.