India hosts ICCP - 'Olympics of Cloud Physics'

  • 03 Aug 2021

The Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (IITM), Pune, is hosting the 18th International Conference on Cloud and Precipitation (ICCP) in Pune.

  • This is for the first time, the event is being organised in Asia.
  • Described as the 'Olympics of Cloud Physics', the ICCP is conducted every four years, by the ICCP Commission, an international body of scientists and students.

Why study of Clouds is important for India?

  • To Monitor Seasonal Precipitations: Apart from monsoon, India also experiences different characteristics of the clouds and hence precipitation in other seasons. For example, NE Indian states experience floods in the month of April or May because of intense convective clouds leading to heavy downpour, which leads to lot of floods and landslides.
  • To get further insight on Western Disturbances: During winter season, India experiences western disturbances, which passes through the western and north-western parts of the country, and causes different forms of precipitations like hailstorm and snowstorms apart from rainfall.
  • To Study on Lightning: Lightning is one of the severest killers, claiming 2000-3000 people every year.