Dr Dhriti Banerjee: First Female Director of ZSI

  • Dr Dhriti Banerjee has been appointed as the director of the Zoological Survey of India.
  • She is the first female to lead the organization in over 100 years history of the Zoological Survey of India.
  • She has been an eminent scientist conducting research in zoogeography, taxonomy, morphology among others. Since 2012, Dhriti has been engaged with ZSI's digital sequence information project.
  • On the occasion of its centenary celebrations in 2016, Banerjee had co-authored the “The Glorious 100 Women’s Scientific Contribution in ZSI”, which chronicled the contributions of women scientists in the domain of animal-related groups.
  • Started in July 1916, the ZSI is headquartered in Kolkata with 16 regional centres under the Ministry of Environment and Forests and Climate Change.