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Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) 2021

India is ranked 85 out of 180 countries on the global Corruption Perceptions Index for 2021.

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The Report on India

  • According to the report, the case of India is particularly worrying. While the country’s score has remained stagnant over the past decade, some of the mechanisms that could help reign in corruption are weakening. There are concerns over the country’s democratic status, as fundamental freedoms and institutional checks and balances decay.

Ranking of India and its Neighbors

  • With a score of 40, India stands at 85th position, while its neighbours Pakistan and Bangladesh fare worse in the global corruption index. Pakistan has dropped 16 spots and is ranked 140th out of 180 countries, as per the report. Bangladesh's Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) is 26 and ranks at the 147th position.

About the Index

  • The index is brought out by Berlin, Germany based Transparency International.
  • The CPI ranks 180 countries and territories by their perceived levels of public sector corruption on a scale of zero (highly corrupt) to 100 (very clean).

Overall Findings

  • Corruption levels remain at a standstill worldwide, with 86 per cent of countries making little to no progress in the last 10 years.

Top Performers

  • The top-performing countries as per the report are Denmark, Finland and New Zealand "all having a corruption perceptions score of 88". These are followed by Norway, Singapore and Sweden with all of them secoring 85.

Worst Performers

  • South Sudan with a corruption perceptions score of 11, followed by Syria (13), Somalia (13), Venezuela (14) and Afghanistan (16).