Horseshoe crabs

  • 18 Mar 2023

Recently, scientists raised concerns about the disappearance of horseshoe crabs from their spawning grounds along Chandipur and Balaramgadi coast in Odisha.

  • Threats to Horseshoe Crabs: Unregulated fishing and damage to eggs by locals.
  • Medicinal Value: Horseshoe crab blood is crucial for development of rapid diagnostic reagents and potential treatment for pre-eclampsia (Note: Pre-eclampsia is a serious pregnancy complication characterized by high blood pressure and damage to organs, most commonly the liver and kidneys).
  • Importance for Human Health: Horseshoe crabs' strong immune system critical for medical research.
  • Warning of Extinction: Scientist who discovered horseshoe crabs warns of their impending disappearance in India.
  • Conservation Measures: Odisha government must protect breeding grounds and prevent destructive fishing practicesbydeveloping SpeciesRecovery Plan.