Piezoelectric Effect in Liquids

  • 29 Mar 2023

Recently, scientists observed evidence of the piezoelectric effect in liquids for the first time.

  • The piezoelectric effect is a phenomenon where a body develops an electric current when it is squeezed.
  • The research team found the piezoelectric effect in two pure ionic liquids at room temperature, which are liquids made of ions instead of molecules.
  • The discovery challenges the existing theory that describes the effect and opens up new possibilities for electronic and mechanical systems.
  • The piezoelectric effect has been known for 143 years and was previously observed only in solids.
  • The piezoelectric effect was expected only in solids because they have an organized structure that enables the effect. The liquids do not have such structure, so the discovery is surprising.
  • The strength of the effect was found to be lower in the liquids than in quartz, the most famous piezoelectric crystal.
  • The liquids could be used in electronic and mechanical systems that have not been accessible with solid-state materials.
  • The liquids are more readily recyclable and pose fewer environmental issues than many currently used piezoelectric materials.
  • The discovery requires a theoretical framework with predictive power to understand these experimental observations.
  • The researchers' work highlights the need for more research on the properties of liquids and how they can be utilized for various applications in the future.