ISRO's 'Nabhmitra' Device Successfully Tested for Fishermen's Safety

On 26th August, the ISRO-Space Applications Centre's innovative device 'Nabhmitra', aimed at enhancing the safety of fishermen, has undergone successful testing in Neendakara.

This ground-breaking technology enables effective two-way satellite-based communication and distress signaling, fostering improved maritime security for fishing communities.

Key Points

  • Two-Way Messaging Services: One of the device's remarkable features is its ability to facilitate two-way messaging services between fishing boats and onshore authorities.
  • This communication capability significantly contributes to the safety and security of fishermen while out at sea.
  • Localized Weather and Cyclone Warnings: Fishermen will receive weather and cyclone warnings in their local language through this system.
  • This feature is essential for ensuring that vital alerts reach fishermen accurately and promptly, aiding them in making informed decisions about their journeys.
  • Distress Signaling: In situations of distress, such as capsizing or fire, the 'Nabhmitra' device empowers fishermen to send distress messages to relevant authorities.
  • Navigational Information: Beyond safety features, the device offers valuable navigational information to fishermen.
  • It provides details about shipping channels, maritime boundaries, and fishing fields, enhancing the overall efficiency and effectiveness of fishing operations.