Core Industries Index

  • 30 Mar 2024

Combined Index of Eight Core Industries (ICI) increases by 6.7% in Feb 2024 compared to Feb 2023.

  • Production of coal, natural gas, cement, steel, crude oil, electricity, and refinery products records positive growth in Feb 2024.
  • ICI measures performance of eight core industries including cement, coal, crude oil, electricity, fertilizers, natural gas, refinery products, and steel.
  • Cement production increased by 10.2%, coal production by 11.6%, crude oil production by 7.9%, and electricity generation by 6.3% in Feb 2024 over Feb 2023.
  • Fertilizer production declined by 9.5% in Feb 2024 compared to Feb 2023.
  • Natural gas production increased by 11.3%, while petroleum refinery production rises by 2.6% in Feb 2024 over Feb 2023.
  • The cumulative growth rate of ICI during April to February 2023-24 is 7.7% compared to the corresponding period last year.