Marine Products Export Development Authority (MPEDA)

  • 05 Apr 2024

Recently, officials asserted that the entire value chain for India’s shrimp exports is certified by the MPEDA and there is no scope for abusive conditions at shrimp farms.

  • MPEDA is a statutory body entrusted with the primary task of promotion of export of marine products.
  • It was set up by an act of Parliament during 1972. The erstwhile Marine Products Export Promotion Council established by the Government of India in September, 1961 was converged into MPEDA on 24th August, 1972.
  • It has set up five full-fledged Quality Control Laboratories, at Kochi, Nellore & Bhimavaram, Bhubaneshwar and Porbandar. In addition, fifteen ELISA Screening Laboratories set up by MPEDA in the maritime states.
  • It has Trade Promotion offices at New Delhi, Tokyo and New York.


  • Developing and regulating off-shore and deep-sea fishing and undertaking measures for the conservation and management of off-shore and deep-sea fisheries;
  • Registering fishing vessels, processing plants or storage premises for marine products and conveyances used for the transport of marine products;
  • Fixing of standards and specifications for marine products for purposes of export; and
  • Regulating the export of marine products; registering of exporters of marine products on payment of such fees as may be prescribed.